ClubRare Universe

Built With and For Collectors

ClubRare is creating a community-led commerce ecosystem blending physical goods with experience-rich metaverse goods and NFTs.

Buy and sell NFTs to earn huge rewards.


Bridge Your NFTs to the Real World

Phygital NFTs link physical collectibles to the metaverse.

A Phygital NFT is an NFT that both provides benefits in the metaverse, and is intrinsically tied to a physical item, verified and assured by ClubRare. Anyone can create a Phygital NFT to sell a physical item, from individuals to global brands.


Have Your Own Showcase in the Metaverse

From Web3 to Web-Me. Express yourself in every dimension, and show off your IRL collectibles in the ClubRare Metaverse. With head-to-head quest and battles between guilds, you’ll be able to claim exclusive drops and earn $MPWR.


ClubRare Metaverse is Coming Soon

Earn $MPWR by staking, trading, and listing NFTs

With $MPWR, community members can earn unique rewards, buy and sell in the metaverse, and gain elevated status in ClubRare Universe. Collectors will also get $MPWR tokens by winning Quests, and use them to expand their home in the Metaverse.


Earn AGOV by participating in the community and trading NFTs

With AGOV, the community votes on treasury spending, determines policies and brand partnerships, and can trade exclusive NFTs. AGOV stands for “Answer Governance”. For ClubRare, there was never any other answer.

More than physical. More than digital. ClubRare is leading the Phygital Revolution and bridging IRL to the Metaverse.

Gear Up With ClubRare.

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